Hand Sew Felt Tutorial - Blanket Stitch

Friday, October 3, 2008

Blanket stitch are used mostly on flat edges as well as to neaten edges. It can also be used as a decorative stitch using different colored thread, but you'll need to work on the stitches evenly.

Here's how you sew blanket stitch.

Put two pieces of fabric together & insert your needle through the piece nearest to you as shown.

Insert the needle through the other piece in the same direction (making sure the thread is towards the left side).

Pull out the needle towards the right side.

Insert the needle through both pieces of fabric (thread still at your right side).

Pull the thread and make a loop from the right to the left under the needle.

*Note: Always ensure that the thread is UNDER the needle.

Pull out the needle.

Insert the needle through the fabric again same distance as the previous stitch.

Make a loop under the needle from right to left and pull out the needle.

Repeat the above steps again and you have your blanket stitch.


I use blanket stitch on projects where i need to sew two pieces of felt fabrics together (when one piece is too thin), but do not need any stuffing in between.

Some of my projects that make use of blanket stitches include:-

Felt Halloween Jack-O-Lantern

Felt Pizzas.

Felt Sandwiches.

Felt Tea Set.

Felt Gingerbread House.

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